In most cases, dogs can easily be viewed as being some of the most amazing pets and companions that a man, woman, or child can ask for today. They are usually sociable, hilariously funny, and rather clever animals that are ready to be loved, cuddled, and played with day after day. However, even the cutest and cuddliest dogs can become dangerous and deadly if placed under certain circumstances. You might have the friendliest dog on the planet, but he or she is still capable of biting and attacking other animals and even people. Here is a list of the top ten most dangerous and deadliest dog breeds worldwide.

10. Dalmatian

Dangerous Dog

Origin: Balkans, India
Weight: Up to 70 lbs
Height: Between 20 and 24 inches
Dalmatians are usually viewed as being extremely protective but friendly overall, especially since they are the standard symbol representing the average fireman and seen in many different children’s films and storybooks. This breed actually received its name from the historic region of Dalmatia and is widely known for its trademark liver or black-spotted coat. However, they are also very powerful and fast animals that were historically used as hunters, shepherds and warriors many years ago.

9. Presa Canario

Origin: Canary Islands, Africa
Weight: Up to 125 lbs
Height: 25 to 26 inches
Presa Canarios were actually trained specifically for hunting purposes as well as to fight in wars and work livestock throughout the 18th century. Many people do not know that the actual name of this breed is Spanish for “Canarian catch dog.” However, they are also known as Dogo Canario, which is literally translated as “Canarian Molosser.” Studies have confirmed that victims attacked by Presa Canarios are absolutely helpless and hopeless due to the superior level of power that these fearless animals possess.

8. Chow Chow

Origin: China
Weight: Up to 65 lbs
Height: Between 18 and 22 inches
At first glance, a Chow Chow can look like a sweet and lovable animal that is ready to be hugged and loved even by complete strangers. This is not the case, though, which is something that many people have had to discover the hard way over the years. Unless you have the owner’s permission, chances are you should avoid trying to get near a Chow Chow otherwise. One report shows that the Chow Chow is actually one of the most aggressive breeds of dog worldwide. As many of the other dogs on this list, the Chow Chow was once used for hunting and shepherding purposes.

7. Doberman Pinscher

Origin: Germany
Weight: 65-90 lbs
Height: 26-28 inches
Doberman Pinschers, also referred to as simply Dobermans, were originally bred back in the late 1800s by a German tax collector by the name of Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann. These dogs were bred originally for protection and defense purposes both in homes as well as offices and commercial junkyard lots. In most cases, Doberman Pinschers are used and raised as outdoor dogs. Studies, however, have been able to prove that Doberman Pinschers are actually most suited for indoor living instead. One of the best qualities that draw most people towards owning and breeding Dobermans is the loyalty that they have for their owners.

6. Alaskan Malamute

Origin: North America
Weight: Up to 110 lbs
Height: Between 23 and 28 inches
Alaskan Malamutes are some of the most beautiful dogs in the world as well as the friendliest to their owners. Upon first glance, you may easily feel like just having one to keep around the house with you.It is true that their beauty and overall stature as well as the texture of their fur is visually appealing and attractive. However, it is important for them to stay active and engaged because boredom will lead to them becoming very destructive. This is why the best places for Alaskan Malamutes to live would be far away from any major city.

5. Siberian Husky

Origin: Siberia
Weight: Up to 55 lbs
Height: Between 20 and 24 inches
Huskies are highly intelligent dogs, but many people also love them because of their high levels of energy and overall beauty as well. When it comes to training them, though, this can become very complicated – which is why it is highly recommended for new and inexperienced dog owners to stay away from getting a Siberian husky. However, once they have been trained, their intelligence will take over and they can easily grow into loyal and committed friends, companions and loving members of your extended family.

4. Boxer

Origin: Germany
Weight: Up to 64 lbs
Height: Between 20 and 25 inches
Boxers are usually very square and strong dogs in most cases. Many people love boxers simply because of their playful attitudes and strong love for walking. Even if you have a large family you won’t have to worry about boxers because they usually do very well with small children. In addition to having one of the most powerful heads in the expanded world of dog breeds, boxers are also known for being highly intelligent and energetic canines.

3. German Shepherd

Origin: Germany
Weight: Up to 85 lbs
Height: Between 22 and 26 inches
German Shepherds are primarily known for being trained and used as police K-9 dogs in the field. Their considerably high levels of confidence and intelligence have allowed them to become known as one of the most fearless dog breeds around the globe. However, if you are searching for a dog that is fairly inactive and doesn’t enjoy countless hours of energetic play and physically demanding activities, then a German Shepherd is definitely not the dog for you. These dogs, in most cases, enjoy extensive walks and physically engaging games with their owners and even other dogs as well.

2. Rottweiler

Origin: Germany
Weight: Up to 110 lbs
Height: Between 23 and 27 lbs
Rottweilers are internationally known as being one of the most popular breeds around the world. Along with their very strong jaws, the immense amount of power that they possess makes them the perfect dogs for protecting yourself, your family and (in applicable cases) your business. In most cases, Rottweilers do not do well with strangers – which is one of the main reasons why these dogs are considered so high on this list of dangerous and deadly dogs. Their unquestionable loyalty and commitment to their owners compels them to jump into action without holding anything back whenever they feel that their owners are in danger.

1. Pit Bull

Origin: United States
Weight: Up to 55 lbs
Height: Between 18 and 22 inches
When most people hear the name “pit bull,” they automatically begin to quiver with fear. That is just how dangerous and deadly these pit bulls have become over the years, especially when they are placed in dangerous situations and environments. It is undeniably true that pit bulls are basically born with a high level of aggressive tendencies that cannot be ignored, which is why they need to be trained thoroughly and cautiously if you plan on raising a pit bull as a family dog. Studies have shown that these animals are capable of killing smaller prey in a matter of just a few seconds, including cats, and are even capable of attacking other pit bulls as well. Once again, then, it is important to focus on their training and overall care if you plan on helping a pit bull to place his or her aggressive tendencies on the backburner in order to become long-term family dogs.

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