Working from home has a huge amount of advantages, as you don’t need to wake up too early, spend time and money for getting to the office, making decisions, which clothes to wear for work for today and so on. Also at home, you’re not being distracted by your colleagues, who want to share with you all the unimportant gossips that you’re going to forget in ten minutes.

Working From Home

Anyway, when people start working at home, they usually find out that it’s a bit hard to get yourself into the working mood and to concentrate on some special activity when you are placed in such a comfortable environment. That’s why we hope that our tips will help you to make your working time at home more effective and less stressful.

5. Try to record all that you do

The first step to manage your own time is to understand, which activities it’s usually being spent. Just try to make notes about all the things you do during the day and how much time did they take.  During this experiment, you may discover that some hours are usually being spent to unimportant things you can’t even remember.

4. Ask yourself ‘What am I doing?’

This question is really important and has to be asked as frequent as possible to avoid the situation when you stuck at some simple task that can be done in ten minutes, but you spend hours on it. You can put a notification on your mobile phone for it to remind you every hour about what you really need to do.

3. Plan your day

The best way to do that is to write a task list and to adhere it during the day, putting ticks, when you did something from the list. That can help you to organize yourself and to understand, how much time you actually need to get everything done. Also, you will never forget about something important, if you put it into your to-do list.

2. Define your working hours

When you work from home, sometimes it’s hard to make other people understand, that you are physically at home, but actually you are not here and very busy at the moment. That’s why you may need to define your working hours for other people not to disturb you during this time, especially if you live not alone.

1. Have a rest

To work well you should rest well. That’s why, while working at home, don’t forget to have breaks. You can even put them into your to-do list, as it’s very important for the human brain to change tasks from time to time. An average adult can concentrate on one task well for no longer than 90 minutes, that’s why it’s better for you to have a break after each period of time and do some things, that are very different to the previous task you were implementing.

Also for most people, it’s very easy to get mad when staying in one place all the time, therefore it’s better to make a rule of going out of your house for at least two times a day and have a good walk.

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