These days, you don’t see anywhere near as many Americans smoking as you used to. So you could be forgiven for thinking there aren’t that many smokers left out there. But you’d be wrong. Stats vary between States and ethnicities, but overall, 16.7% of all American men and 13.7% of all American women are still smoking regularly. So that’s around 50 million people in the U.S. putting their health at needless risk. That’s equivalent to the population of a medium-sized country. And yes – these die-hard smokers still do actually want to quit!

Quit Smoking

According to research from Couponbox, quitting smoking is still near the top of the U.S.’ New Year’s resolutions chart – coming in at number four after learning to drive, learning another language, and making a commitment to go the gym. These are all commendable goals of course – but with the popularity of smoking in steep decline in the U.S., it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see this slipping further down the New Year hit parade in years to come as more and more people quit successfully.

Of course, it all depends on what we mean by the term “smoking”. In other words, does smoking include the increasingly popular, and healthier, alternative of vaping? It’s a moot point, but vaping is definitely healthier than conventional smoking, so may be worth trying as a halfway house to quitting smoking altogether.

The aforementioned survey reveals that it costs around $272 to quit. But before you decide to stop reading because of the expenses involved, consider that that $272 is actually a saving. Here’s why: stats show that we’re far more likely to stop smoking successfully once we’ve had some hypnotherapy and through trying out e-cigarettes. So that’s where this figure comes from. The average price of a couple of hypnotherapy sessions is around $125 whilst an e-cigarette costs an average of $7, with the refills coming in around $10. That $272 includes four refills. But think about what would we spend on conventional cigarettes. That’s right – switching to vaping in order to quit works out far cheaper than continuing to smoke normal cigarettes.

Perhaps this is why we’re seeing vape bars popping up all over the place. The whole vaping culture has developed apace in recent years. And the good news is that so far, objective studies have shown that vaping is a far healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes – including research by the American Heart Association.

Overall, whilst the jury remains out on the longer-term effects of vaping, it does, unequivocally, look like a good step to take if you’re looking to quit smoking. But why not put two of the classic American New Year’s resolutions together and start going to the gym as well? Exercising can help your efforts to quit smoking, and it certainly acts as a good distraction from reaching for another cigarette. It all boils down to the same thing of course: most of us want to live healthier lifestyles – so really, what’s stopping you from stopping?

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