If you’re considering planning a family and are actually stopping long enough to read something like this you’re already one huge step ahead.  In the phrase ‘family planning’, the word ‘planning’ is probably the most important.  In addition to discussing things with your significant other and the rest of your family, depending on what that boils down to, you should absolutely consider consulting a physician. 

Planning a family is a very serious responsibility and needs to be taken as such. Here are some things that people just don’t think about sometimes until it’s too late.

Planning a family

#7. Genetically Speaking

Frequently people do not take into consideration their genetic makeup.  If some horrible type of genetic condition is going to be passed down to your children you may want to consider adopting a child rather than risking the chance that you could bring a child into a world of misery.

#6. Affordability And Enough Room

When a couple are in love and want to start a family, they don’t always stop to think about where that baby is going to fit, into a tiny one bedroom apartment and whether or not they make enough money, so that they can support that child.  Particularly if they depend on two incomes now, what’s going to happen when that mother stays home with the baby or takes time off for the pregnancy?

#5. How Good Have You got It? Ready To Give It All Up?

Not every couple is cut out out to have children.  If you’re globetrotting all over the world and enjoy traveling and spur of the moment adventures, you want to consider what kind of a wrench a baby is going to throw into the works.  Now that doesn’t mean you’re selfish… Okay well maybe a little… But it’s practical thinking.  You’re going to give everything up for that child – are you ready to do that?

#4. You Are Just Not Up For The Challenge?

Having a baby is no small feat.  Granted, the female species is the one that will suffer the pain and body alterations, but having a baby doesn’t stop upon birth.  The fun has just begun in fact.  Make sure you know what you’re in for and that you’re really up to the challenge.

#3. A Child Is Not A Repair Tool!

The people that think having a baby will improve their faltering relationship are not only fooling themselves, but asking for a whole world of trouble, for their child as well.  A baby does not fix a relationship.  Much the opposite is true with some relationships, in fact.  A baby adds stress into an already possibly stressful situation – that’s no good fix.

#2. Having A Baby For All The Wrong Reasons

Yes, this could fit into the priorly mentioned problem, but it is more encompassing than just thinking a child will fix your marriage.  Mothers and Mothers-in-Law are very adamant sometimes, about wanting Grandchildren.  Maybe your sister or brother has produced a flock of offspring and you feel like you’re behind on your game.  Have a baby because you want one – not because someone else wants you to have a baby.

 #1. Your Health Is The Baby’s

Are you healthy enough to have a baby?  If you are not in good health and could be in physical danger as a result of pregnancy, adoption may be your best bet.

Family planning remains a very controversial topic with government, religion, and just plain personal opinion.  Planning ahead of time is the best way to avoid last-minute or emergency family planning methods.  There is help out there and in many cases that help can be the difference between life, death, and peace of mind.  Be smart! Don’t take the planning out of family planning!

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