Your Period

Step away from that giant chocolate cake! We totally get it. It’s that time of the month and all you want is to sit in bed with a hot towel on your stomach, a piece of cake in your mouth, and a marathon of movies that make you sob like a baby. Unfortunately, we have lives and have to keep it going through the cramps and emotions. So, we put together of the best tips to help you stay healthy and happy during your period.

1. Curve the Chocolate Craving

This is probably the hardest, but most important rule of staying healthy during your time of the month! Chocolate and high amounts of sugar are one of the main reasons we have mood swings constantly. Try to replace this with something like fruit. If it’s impossible to avoid, which is totes understandable, try a low-fat frozen yogurt with the least amount of sugar as possible!

2. Steer Clear of the Romance Section

Your emotions are high and The Notebook and Love Actually might seem like an awesome idea, but it will only make your mood swings way riskier, especially since clearly none of our love lives are THAT perfect. It might cause you to pick up the phone and yell at your boyfriend for no reason. Try a comedy to keep your head clear and happy.

3. Stay Away from Salts

Foods that are heavy in sodium soak up a ton of water in your system and cause major bloating. Ick! Stay away from stuff filled with salt. Cut out sodas that week and try to drink as much water as possible to keep the bloating to a minimum.

4. Take a Walk

There are a few tricks to get rid of those uncomfortable cramps you get. One major suggestion is simply to take a walk. Let’s not kid ourselves; we clearly aren’t going for a run while on our periods, so just go for a walk instead. It gets you out of the house and you will feel so much better!

5. Dress Up

There is one sure-fire way to feel good about yourself whenever you are lacking self-confidence and it’s dressing up! Get ready like you are going out with friends and you will instantly feel better about yourself, especially when you are feeling bloaty and gross. This trick totally works any time you want to feel better.

6. Go to a Yoga Class

A beginning yoga class at your local gym is a great way to relieve the cramps. It’s simple and stretching is great for getting rid of the pain in your stomach. Even just trying some basic positions like child’s pose, bow pose and wind releasing pose at home will help.

7. Remember to Breathe

Everyone’s been in the position where you’ve been angry for absolutely no reason. So we yell at our friends, boyfriend, parents, basically whoever is closest to us. Next time you’re on your period and start getting pissed, remember to take deep breaths and count to ten. It will help your brain relax and might stop you from taking it out on someone close to you.

8. Avoid the Acne

We know our period is right around the corner when we start breaking out. Ugh! Luckily you can take vitamins A and D to help prevent zits from popping up all over the place. Foods with high Vitamin A and D include cantaloupe, broccoli, milk, spinach, fish, and eggs.

9. Have a Go-To Friend to Vent to

As long as you are aware you might be over-reacting about something while on your period. Explain to your best friend that even though it’s stupid, you need to vent. Your best friend totally understands mood swings and all that goes along with them, so it’s good to have a person you can talk to.

10. Take a Long Bath

Finally, something that helps ALL of the above is a long bath. Mix some bubbles and salts and crank the temperature up. Sounds clichĂ© but even a little Enya music playing in the background wouldn’t hurt. Take as long as you need to relax!

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