Comfortable in a Relationship

1. You stop shaving your legs

Or maybe you never did in the first place! You do you, girl. It’s winter, and your legs could use the extra layer anyway. 

2. You talk about your period

Like, out loud, and without using any cutesy euphemisms either, and you have no problem asking your BF to pick you up some tampons or pads when you run out. What? You have to suffer through wicked cramps, mood swings, cravings, fatigue, and other unpleasant side effects (to say the least) for five days in a row once a month. Bae can deal with it. *hair flip*

3. You no longer care about your O-face

Okay, this is like, PEAK relationship comfort level, because really, if you can’t let go during sex, when can you?

4. not afraid to wolf down an entire pizza in front of your S.O.

Or to eat peanut butter by the spoonful straight from the jar in the morning. Or to inhale an entire pack of chocolate chips in two minutes or to tackle a giant burger when you guys go out for dinner. If he can’t handle seeing you unhinge your jaws like a python to enjoy a delicious meal, joke’s on him, because life is too damn short not to just eat the food you want. Bye, Felipe. 

5. You don’t care about wearing your glasses

For what it’s worth, I don’t believe anyone should ever be embarrassed to wear their glasses in front of their girlfriend or boyfriend (or ever, really). Glasses serve an important function for people who need them, and they’re an adorable way to accessorize. However, for some, wearing their glasses in front of their boyfriend or girlfriend is a big step. 

6. You no longer hide your Netflix habit

So you like watching Deadliest Catch for 12 hours straight on Netflix? (What? That show is weirdly fascinating.) Who cares? Not you, and not bae. 

7. You’re over trying to be “sexy”

See also “cute” and “cool.” It’s easier and way less stressful to just let your true weirdo nature come out anyway. 

8. You know that sleep is sometimes better than sex

Sex is great and all, but a good night’s sleep is priceless (and rare for many people). You know what I’m talking about: Those nights when you and your other half-suddenly realize you haven’t had sex in four days, and you’re like, “Well, I guess we should?” And you guys look at each other and are like, “Nah.” You’re not freaking out that the passion’s dying; you both just realize it’s been a long, busy week. 

9. You can laugh when sex is awkward

Let’s be real: More often than not, sex is completely awkward. The good news about being super comfortable with bae is that even when things go wrong — someone makes an embarrassing noise, someone laughs, you guys try something new and it backfires — you guys can laugh about it together.

10. You stop washing your hair every day

What? It happens. Washing your hair daily is bad for your hair anyway, and a waste of water. And it takes forever. (That’s why the powers that be invented dry shampoo.) So really, you’re saving both your strands and the environment. Win-win. 

11. You’re not afraid to let bae see you bare-faced

Or with your nightly face mask or whatever other regular beauty rituals you follow. After all, true love is letting bae see you put on your mustache cream and not even caring. 

12. You fart in front of him or her

It had to be said. Look, people — men and women — fart. It’s a fact of life. If you guys can embrace it and not make each other feel bad about it, you know your relationship is meant to be. 

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