In 1903, mankind performed the unimaginable and figured it out to fly. While modern aviation is an enormous industry present, we quite often neglect that each and every time we take off, we are basically tempting fate.

Plane Crashes, 5 Unsolved Aviation Mysteries

It is extremely improbable that everybody is ever going to die in an unexplained plane crash, but crashes do take place. Listed below are some of the most extremely mysterious plane crashes of all time.

1. Pan Am Flight 7

Nobody has actually decided what caused the crash of Pan Am Flight 7. On November 8, 1957, the plane departed from San Francisco on its way to Honolulu, but along the way, it somehow crashed. Pieces of the wreckage could be observed within the ocean. All investigation understand is that corpses restored from the scene consisted of high levels of carbon monoxide.

2. Star Dust

Throughout a flight from Buenos Aires to Santiago way back in 1947, a British South American Airways plane called Star Dust gone away over the Andes mountains. For longer than 50 years, we have not heard what went down to the plane. In 2000, however, pieces of the wreckage were discovered on a glacier. Many believed that it was kidnapped by aliens before that finding. Still, nobody appears to understand the concept of the last morse code message that the pilot delivered: “STENDEC.”

3. EgyptAir Flight 990

On traveling from Los Angeles to Cairo in 1999, EgyptAir Flight 990 crashed to the Atlantic 60 miles beyond Nantucket land, killing all 217 onboard. The FBI was requested to participate the investigation when proof recommended that the plane was taken down deliberately.

Egyptian authorities didn’t like that idea, so they created their own research. That is why there are two main contradictory stories. The Egyptians insisted it was a technical issue, while the Americans were sure that Gameel Al-Batouti crashed the plane on purpose. Al-Batouti was taped saying “I rely on God” 11 times prior to the plane hit the water.

4. Helios Airways Flight 522

As Helios Airways Flight 522 was with its holding pattern, two F-16 fighter jets found intercept it. But when they passed the cabin, they pointed out that the captain was not in his chair and that all the passengers were dead. Evidently, the plane ran out of oxygen, which killed every person on-board. The plane then crashed right into a mountain.

5. B-47 Stratojet

This plane’s 1956 happening was particularly disturbing because it transported two nuclear reactor cores. It vanished while coming toward its refueling location close to the Mediterranean Sea. It went into a cloud and was not ever noticed again.

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