Drinking cold iced tea, eating watermelon, and splashing in a pool is the sound of summer. This time of the year is one of the most enjoyed, but it brings a sense of caution with seasonal temperatures that can bring gruesome consequences. In May 2015a Hialeah Florida cop killed two police dogs after he left them in his police vehicle in the blazing sun all day. While the investigation is ongoing, this is a tragedy that didn’t have to happen.

Keep Pets And People Safe In The Blistering Summer Heat

1. NEVER leave a child or pet in a parked car

Even with the windows rolled down a car inside temperature can heat up FAST. According to HSUS,

“When it’s 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside, the temperature inside your car can heat up to 99 degrees Fahrenheit within 10 minutes.”

When traveling with a pet or child place your cell phone or wallet (laptop, purse, and briefcase) in the backseat. This task creates an action to check the car before locking it and walking away.

2. Don’t travel with your child or pet in the back of an open bed pick-up truck

Children and pets are subject to sunburn, and the hotbed can burn hands, feet, and furry foot pads

3. Watch the weather

On days when the humidity and heat index is high limit play and exercise to the early morning or evening hours when temperatures are cooler. Apply this same advice to the elderly who like to garden or do outdoor activities.


Make available ample amounts of water for pets and people. Provide cold water and shade wherever you go. A dog house can be a hothouse so be sure to check your dog doesn’t suffocate with insufficient airflow.

5. Look for signs of heatstroke

Pets and people who are very young, elderly, overweight, or not conditioned for outdoor activity are more prone to heatstroke.

The kids are on vacation, family trips are being planned and summer parties are underway. Take the time to protect your loved ones and those around you from heat-related tragedies. Prepare and guard against hot temperatures and make this summer one full of enjoyable memories with your family, friends, and your four-legged companions.

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