Facing Your Fears
fear is always readily available to consume you if you don’t develop the strength to conquer it

Fear can be a huge bully. It can stop you in your tracks and make you second guess yourself in every situation. Fear gets its power through the meaning and images you attach to it and as it grows, it can place a death grip on your mind, your body, and your spirit, if you don’t face it head-on. So if fear is a bully, what is a bully? Usually, when you get to the root of the anatomy of a bully, you will find that a bully is someone or something that is really insecure or afraid deep down, which is also a form of fear. Being a bully is a huge illusion because what is portrayed outwardly is not necessarily factual. Also, when you are fearful, you are not in a positive state; therefore, everything you fear is created out of negative stories you constantly feed yourself which causes it to fester and grow. This is when that “fight or flight” method kicks in. Unfortunately, many people choose flight.

Conquering fear is the only way to quiet its exposure. One of the best ways to go about facing it head-on is to strengthen your mind and your body through fitness. You may be wondering, ‘What does fitness have to do with facing my fears?’ Well, everything! When you decide to get fit through exercise, you are conditioning your body to take on new challenges for getting healthy. When you remain consistent, you begin to see changes in your body and that creates changes in how you think about yourself, which in turn creates assurance. Self-assurance and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Therefore, taking on a new challenge in fitness can easily spill over to other areas of your life where you may not feel so secure. Once you learn that you can accomplish something as challenging as making changes within yourself physically, you begin to see that you have the power to make changes in the things that scare you, as well.

You may also be wondering, ‘What if fitness is the fear I’m facing?’ When it comes to fitness, many people begin to place too much pressure on themselves to be perfect and to get there quickly. They don’t seem to understand that making changes in the body is a gradual process and the sum total of it, on a regular basis, is what causes the transformation. Too often, the enticement of “the quick fix” becomes the focus and when it doesn’t happen, people often throw in the towel and develop the belief that it can’t happen for them and “getting fit” becomes their fear. There again, in order to conquer fear, you have to work through itThis means that you will have to just do it anyway, whatever it is. What you will find, is that what you are fearful of, is not as powerful in reality as you make it in your mind. Once you walk through that fear, it becomes smaller and has no choice but to dissipate as you gain the strength and courage which replaces it. Is this hard to do? Well, the hardest part is deciding to combat the fear by replacing it with assurance. In order to make the switch, you must walk through what you fear by making what you want bigger than what you fear. When your focus is on what’s most powerful, that will be what you draw near to you. This is why it is important for you to create strength and empowerment in your mind and body. Once you do that successfully, fear has no choice but to flee from you.

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