Many people suffer from high blood pressure and heart diseases even in young ages. Such problems are now considered common for people in their 30′s but the main reasons are usually forgotten. The most recent medical researches proved that very small percent of us watch their diet and obtain good nutrition; which is the main factor that controls heart attacks and most of the chronic diseases. The main reason for chronic diseases associated with heart and high blood pressure is to be the fat levels in the blood, and hence it is mainly a cholesterol problem.

Cholesterol levels can increase rapidly according to what we eat without even any indication. Such problem usually occurs either due to lack of knowledge or due to the fast fat and oil based foods. Reducing cholesterol levels is not a difficult process. It just needs some time and healthy food. Many types of vegetables and fruits are used to fight or cure certain diseases, and also for reducing your cholesterol levels.

1- Apples:

apples contain “phytochemicals” which are known to reduce the risk of heart attacks and other heart problems by 50%. It can be so helpful if eaten up to 2 apples per day.

2- Berries:

all kinds of berries contain antioxidants which help carrying the proper amount of oxygen with the blood, and hence reduce the risk of heart attacks.

3- Onions and garlic:

both are so amazing in keeping the well being of the individual for containing important elements, and both are known to reduce cholesterol level by 25% in most of the cases.

4- Legumes/Beans:

all kinds of beans can reduce cholesterol levels for containing fibers, proteins and some other compounds that keeps low level of homocystein, improve the vessels’ function and reduce blood clotting.

5- Oats & nuts :

Nuts, oats and grains contain many oils and acidic fats which are of great benefit for the body; not only in reducing the cholesterol levels, but in general for all organs especially the heart and the brain.

6- Olive and canola oil:

those two oils are known to be of great benefit; especially the olive oil which is- of all cooking oils- known to contain 77% of powerful antioxidants and useful fats that lowers cholesterol and triglycerides.

7- Herbs:

There is a wide variety of herbs that can be taken as food additions in salad and main dishes, or to be taken as hot or even cold drinks between the meals such as green tea, Arjuna and Sida Cordifolia.

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