The sky-high airline luggage fees are turning out to be a huge bane for budget travelers. This is one of the reasons why travelers are increasingly shifting their focus to cheaper and safer luggage courier services. The companies providing these services actually transfer your luggage to and back from the destination of your choice safely and on time. It means that you’re not lugging around the airport with heavy bags and worrying about the condition of your precious rucksack when it’s released from the conveyor belt. Listed below are some of the major reasons why trippers are increasingly opting for these services:

Airline Baggage


A company providing luggage courier services is particularly beneficial for older or infirm people for obvious reasons. Moreover, the absence of heavy bags ensures that the airport transits are much quicker and smoother. You can even afford to reach a little later at the airport as you wouldn’t really be required to go through arduous baggage checks. Similarly, on reaching your destination you won’t have to wait at the baggage carousel.

They’re More Affordable

For a standard weight bag- opting for a luggage courier service might help you save up only marginally. However, there are leading airline baggage courier companies like Send My Bag that has slashed their rates for leading destinations in Europe and if you’re really interested in digging deep (compare the prices offered by different companies) you’ll be able to rake in substantial discounts. But when it comes to heavier bags, courier services are definitely a much wiser choice. Ryanair has some of the most market competitive rates. The airlines charge extortionate rates for heavy baggage.

A Few Points to Keep in View

Make sure you’re making yourself aware of the few downsides of the luggage transport services, besides their advantages. Please remember that if you’re opting for services that are too cheap you might as well have to wait longer for the luggage to be delivered.

Moreover, there needs to be some organization from your end when you’re going for these services. You have to pack way ahead and have to be around for collection. The luggage might be required to be picked up four days ahead of departure. A next-day pick up would charge you more. Please ensure that the company you’re opting for has a long-established reputation of ensuring timely pick-ups, money-back guarantee, etc. There are companies that do not offer pick up or drop off facilities during the weekends. Deliveries to villas might turn out to be complicated while those to hotels are comparatively simpler.

Last but not the least, try and figure out your expenses as well- even before booking your flights:

  • Look up the charges offered by leading airlines
  • Then look into the charges offered by the leading airline baggage transport companies
  • Take the cheapest of the airlines and the baggage companies and compare the price difference between the two- is there a huge difference?
  • Consider the cons of opting for too cheap a baggage transport service as well
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