How to Recreate a Vintage Design in Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your own private space that really reflects you and your personality. It’s not an open gathering place that everyone enjoys. It is the space you retreat to when you need to be alone. Creating a vintage design in your bedroom creates a space for you to go back in time to a simpler time of your youth, or a fantasy time before you were born. Or even something more recent – the point is, you want the home to look old while remaining the same clean and stylish place you are used to. It takes a few tricks, but this is why we are here. Read below:

Creating a vintage design in your bedroom is pretty simple. Most of the time you simply need to recycle items found around the house. Just do a full house clearance to locate all the clutter and use that as a source of materials. Instead of doing thorough rubbish disposal, then you’re your ingredients for the perfect project. You can start with fabric or linens. This includes sheets, comforters or quilts, pillows, and curtains. If you make your own, you can buy fabric in any fabric store. For a 1950’s theme choose bright colors, for a 1920’s theme go for animal prints, for a 1960’s theme look for or make tie-dyed fabric. If you are not the sewing type, check thrift stores for old vintage linens, or buy new ones with at match the specific theme you desire.

Flea markets, antique stores, and thrift stores are excellent places to find old vintage furniture. Look for brass beds, old writing desks, antique dressers, and nightstands, old trunks, and more. If you can’t find any you like or can’t afford to buy new furniture, you can sand and paint the furniture you currently have. There are several techniques that can be used to create antique-looking or worn furniture designs.

Lighting is another excellent way to go back in time. Hang a beautiful chandelier over your bed to create a more romantic, old-time feel. Place a lava lamp on your dresser for a 1960’s feel, or put a black light in place of your regular light bulb.

You can also hang pictures and paintings on your walls to recreate a vintage feel. Vibrant colors and psychedelic patterns will create a 1960’s feel. Paisleys will create a Victorian feel. Pin-up posters will create a 1950’s feel. The options are simply numerous. For as many things you can dig up from your junk collection, you can make a certain decoration. Just do a domestic clearance and see how many materials you have to work with. Don’t worry – any clearance company will take care of the rest of the waste recycling.

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