Aging parents can bring a wealth of emotions to any child. Watching parents grow old can be a scary, lonely, and trying situation for all involved. The last thing most children want is to have to put their parents in a nursing home in order to care for them. If someone’s parents require little medical care then there are definitely ways to help them stay independent in their homes with only minor assistance from friends and family. Below are 5 ways a child can help their elderly parents remain safely in their home:

Elderly Parents

1. Install an Emergency Life Alert System

The scary reality of having older parents is that they could suddenly need medical attention at any time. If they are eager to spend their time in their own home then someone will want to make sure there is a reliable alert system in place. There are plenty on the market that can provide immediate and professional medical help.

2. Schedule Visits

Children should work behind the scenes with friends and family to line up daily visits. If their parents don’t need a home health nurse then they will want to make sure someone is stopping to check on them daily. Not only will it bring a smile to their face it will also ease the child’s anxiety when it comes to their parents’ physical and mental status.

3. Install a Stairlift

As parents age, the risk of slips and falls increases greatly. The chance of injury from slips and falls increases greatly as well. Take the worry out of the equation by installing a stairlift in their home. The cost of a stairlift can vary so make sure to do extensive research on the type of stairlift they need for their specific space.

4. Get Them Organized

Unfortunately, along with aging can come a variety of health issues. As parents age, they tend to need more and more medications in order to keep them moving along in great shape. Children can help with that burden by helping their parents get organized. Buy a medication organizer, leave a notepad and pen nearby so they can write down any products they need or tasks they need help with. Make sure all emergency medical information is nearby, along with important family member phone numbers and information.

5. Ask for Help

Taking on the responsibility of caring for elderly parents can really take a toll on most people. Be sure to reach out to friends and family for help with running errands, stopping by, or helping with chores. Children of elderly parents shouldn’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help when needed. Even if they just need an emotional break, it’s good to take a day off and have someone else step in to assist. People are more willing to help than one might think.

The ability to give aging parents comfort, safety, and organization as they finish out their lives can truly be the best way to take care of them. Elderly parents can peacefully and safely relax in the home they love and their children can rest assured knowing they have some great precautions in place to help keep them happy and safe.

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