10 Funny Prank Calls To Pull When Feeling Bored

We’ve all had something to do with a prank call at some point in our lives. Whether we partook ourselves in this act of mischief or heard of someone else doing it, it was the hottest deal of our childhoods. But when was the last time you heard of any good prank calls? It’s easy to fall into ridicule and people are getting more and more skeptical as time goes by, so it’s gotten increasingly difficult to trick them.

Prank Calls
But what really makes good prank calls stand out is not their likelihood to trick the receptor. Rather, it’s just how funny they can be without hurting anyone’s feelings in the process. See underneath for some examples to understand what we mean.

#1 Idea: Pretend The Other Person Called You First

Prank Calls

You and I both know that the person at the other end of the line didn’t lift a single finger to ring you up first. But that doesn’t mean you can’t claim otherwise! Call your victim up and then act as if you merely picked up the phone. Iconic quotes include “Who is this?” or “Why did you call me?” Most of the cases, the person will hang up at the first chance. Once in a while, though, you might end up with someone who will argue to great lengths that YOU were the one who called first. A true test of wills and strength.

#2 Idea: Call Pizza Hut And Ask For Domino’s Number

Prank Calls

It’s safe to say that no Pizza Hut order-taking employee lives and breathes for the restaurant chain, so you won’t be hurting any feelings with good prank calls like these. Ring up your local Pizza Hut. Start describing your favorite pizza on the Domino’s menu. When the employee eventually points out this pizza is nowhere to be found on their menu, ask for Domino’s number. For extra points, repeat the process and call Domino’s.

#3 Idea: Call Subway And Ask When The Next Train Is Leaving

3 Idea Call Subway And Ask When The Next Train Is Leaving

We’re one hundred percent certain this must have happened at least once in Subway’s history – unironically. Can you blame your Average Joe who is just trying to book an urgent train trip for misunderstanding the real purpose of the company? Become this Average Joe and vehemently insist on getting an answer for that trip that you REALLY need to take tomorrow.

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