20 Strange Jobs That Have Insanely High Salaries!

High Salaries

All of us are looking for a way to make a living and it can often take us multiple attempts to find that one job that will keep us happy until retirement. Rarely do we chase the career that we said we wanted when we were children – more often we end up doing things we least expected. That is because our life is a journey that shapes us.

Our journey is often a long one that requires plenty of stumbles, missteps and successes. But that journey doesn’t pay the bills if you aren’t working. You can’t find a way to go out on the weekend, by that T.V. you want, save for a house, or pay off your debts off of learning. Instead, you need to find something to hold you over – or possibly make a career out of.

This list is not going to talk about the highest paying jobs out there, that is a list for a different day. Instead, this is going to look at the types of jobs that give you an insane amount of pay for interesting, sometimes easy, or extremely fun work. The idea is that the amount of work – or the lack of it feeling like a job – versus the pay is what makes a job qualify for this list.

Some of these jobs will appeal to you and some of them won’t. Some of the items on this list are careers, others are short-time jobs that can give you a nice boost in income in the short term. Either way, few of the jobs on this list are ones you have ever considered and if we inspire you to try something new, then we did our job.

Here are 20 Strange Jobs That Have Insanely High Salaries:

20. Shot Girl $300 – $600 Per Night

High Salaries

You’ve seen the shot girls at concerts, private parties, gatherings, and all types of events. They are generally marketing professionals that are hired to offer a specific type of shot. The idea is that they get you to try a few free shots of a particular flavor leading you to purchase that brand.

While we often look at the shot girls as ones that are in “perfect shape”, that isn’t what is required. This is a job about personality. Marketing companies also know that people are interested in different shapes and sizes of girls as well. On the same not, the shot girl job may be moving more towards the “shot person” field as men are starting to find positions within the field.

Perfect for:

College students or those just starting out on their permanent career hunt. Party lovers and socialites.

19. Bounty Hunter Up To 45% Of Bail

2 Bounty Hunter Up To 45 Of Bail

Boba Fett or Dog the Bounty Hunter are the most likely names you will recognize in this particular career field. While Boba Fett is obviously a fantasy version of the career path it does say a thing or two about the skills required.

Say what you will about Dog the Bounty Hunter – his show was fairly faithful to what was required of someone pursuing this particular job or career. Violence wasn’t often needed, but the threat of it was. Dog had a fantastic way of showing no fear, but inspiring that fear in the people he was pursuing. You don’t have to be a fighter to be a bounty hunter, you just have to have the courage to look like you are.

This is a dangerous job though, likely the most dangerous on the list, but if you take a few safety precautions you should come out at the end of each day unscathed. The pay is hard to nail down as it is a percentage of the total bail that was assigned to individual that skipped bail.

Perfect for:

Aggressive or pacifist personalities that can talk a big game and have no fear of tense situations. Adrenaline junkies.

18. Airplane Repo Man $10,000 to $900,000

3 Airplane Repo Man 10000 to 900000

An airplane repo man is exactly what you would expect. We have all likely faced a point in our lives where we feared that the repo man may come calling for our car. Airplane repo men are doing the same thing.

When someone takes out a loan to purchase an aircraft, skipped payments lead to the seizure of that vehicle. Unfortunately, airplanes are easier to move long distances so those int his field have to track down the planes and bring them back to the bank. They get paid on a commission in most cases. If they repossess a high dollar plane (relatively) they are likely to see a bigger check. The job can be dangerous and rewarding at the same time.

Perfect for:

Those that are good at finding people or items and want a career that takes them – possibly – all over the world.

17. Mystery Shopper $100 Per Assignment

4 Mystery Shopper 100 Per Assignment

Mystery shopping is one of those incredible careers if you can find a legit company. The problem is too many companies are simply scams and don’t offer the jobs. There is not a solid way to find a reputable company without trial and error or searching on reputable sites like Indeed.com.

With that said, this is less of a long term career and more of a filler job. This is something that you do to make some extra money on the side, doing what you were already going to do. You basically visit a store, buy some items, generally purchased with money provided by the hiring company, then fill out a questionnaire about the quality of service and if the employees did what was expected.

Your responses have a significant impact on the store and especially the employee. It is key that you pay attention and answer honestly. If you aren’t sure if they did what the question is asking and you don’t have the ability to respond with anything but a yes or no it is generally a better idea to give the employee the benefit of the doubt. Either way, this is a great way to earn some extra cash for very little effort.

Perfect for:

Busy parents or professionals that want to add just a little income without a significant commitment.

16. Crime Scene Cleaner Up To Six Figures

5 Crime Scene Cleaner Up To Six Figures

While pay varies a great deal, primarily based on the severity of the cleanup and the company you work for, this is a career for those with iron stomachs. This is not a career for the queasy as you will be cleaning up human matter, remains, and everything you see on the crime dramas on television.

The key to this job is a meticulous attention to detail. You must be able to focus on every nook and cranny and ensure that no matter is left when you complete the job. Safety is key in this field as well as you will come into contact with blood frequently.

Perfect for:

Those interested in meticulous and interesting work with an iron stomach.

15. Golf Ball Diver Up To $100,000

6 Golf Ball Diver Up To 100000

Most golfers have sunk a few balls in the lake at some point. It is extremely rare that the golfer will ever get that ball back, but the balls themselves are worth significant money. Not only does the property stay clean, but the balls themselves are resold at pure profit. That is why divers are in high demand in this line of work.

The job is also fairly dangerous as many of the areas are full of obstacles that can be difficult to see underwater. Wildlife, such as alligators can cause issues as well. This is why divers work as a team. You will need to be a trained scuba diver to even apply for the position in most cases, but if you love the water and have no fear, this is a great career choice.

Perfect for:

Water rats and those that want to spend most of their life underwater. Risk-takers that know how to work on a team to reduce danger.

14. Sex Toy Tester $40,000

7 Sex Toy Tester 40000

Probably the most exciting job or career on this list is being a sex toy tester. And yes, men and women both have options in this field. Getting into position for this career can take a little work. The easiest is if you have a blog that already discusses sex or sex toys. In that case, you just reach out to companies and have them send you samples. In that case, your income is from the views you receive and less from the actual company.

If you end up finding an actual position, you can make a decent living for doing little work. Don’t search the normal job sites though as you are more likely to find these positions through search engines, classified ads, forums, or social networks. Whatever you have to do, this is a great way to either make a living or earn some extra money – or at least get some free toys.

Perfect for:

Anyone with a sex drive – single or married.

13. Good Guy Hacker Up To $132,000

8 Good Guy Hacker Up To 132000

Anti-hackers are highly employable as they generally work for large businesses or governmental agencies that are normally targeted by hackers. In most cases, getting this job means you were a hacker on the wrong side at some point and know how to put that expertise to good use.

While you won’t need a formal education, you will need to be able to show that you have the chops to stop other hackers in their tracks. This is an easier job for the younger crowd as they grew up on computers, while the older generations have much more to learn. that doesn’t mean this is exclusively for the younger generation, just know that you are going to have to learn a significant amount – and be quick on your feet… or fingers as it may be in this case – to succeed in this field.

Perfect for:

Ex-hackers. Computer scientists. Quick thinkers.

12. IMAX Screen Cleaner $50,000

9 IMAX Screen Cleaner 50000

IMAX screens offer beautiful and expensive options for moviegoers. These screens are huge and high definition, thus they need to stay as clean as possible. Special tools are used to ensure this is done properly without damaging the screens themselves.

While you won’t need any formal training, you will need the patience and stamina to clean these screens correctly. This isn’t like wiping down a car windshield, this can be a long and arduous process that requires serious focus. While it may not sound like the most exciting career in the world, it has a fairly low skill level required for entry and can be an easy way to make a solid living.

Perfect for:

Those that want something with little stress. People that like to work alone.

11. Stunt Tester $800 Per Day

10 Stunt Tester 800 Per Day

If you have ever watched any of the gross-out shows like Fear Factor you will already have a pretty good idea of what this job is all about. I’m not sure this could be a career for anyone as eventually, your body is likely to just be done with all the gross stunts you have to do.

Regardless, if you want to pursue this line of work, watch a season of Fear Factor, decide if you can do ever single stunt the contestants did, then start searching high and low for a position. You’ll be best served finding out where these shows often shoot and looking at local ads in the area. The pay is incredible regardless of the length of the day, but you better have an iron will to face every challenge thrown at you.

Perfect for:

Thrill seekers. People that love to try new things?

10. Nude Art Model $20+ An Hour

11 Nude Art Model 20 An Hour

While $20 an hour may not seem like an incredible amount of money, this is on the list because of the amount of work that is required. The hardest part of the job is being comfortable in your own skin. After that, you simply have to stay still for 20-30 minutes.

Before you write this off, understand that everybody type is desired in this role. This is for true art students that are trying to come to grips with the complicated nature of how the human body is shaped. You won’t be ogled as you sit or stand there nude in front of a group of students, you will be studied. You may think you are going to be judged, but all the students will see is the lines and the forms that your body make so they can recreate that as an image. This can be a career if you find a solid group of clients, but if not, this is a great way to increase your income by working a few hours a week.

Perfect for:

Anyone that does not identify as a “never-nude.”

9. Voice Over Artist $50,000 – $80,000

12 Voice Over Artist 50000 – 80000

Voice artists are in high demand as the animation is becoming easier to produce. On top of that, video games on both consoles and mobile devices are including much more voice work than ever before. While there are some superstars in the voice-over industry, there is plenty of room for newcomers.

So what does it take to make it in this industry? Generally, a voice that you can work with to fit various characters and the ability to speak with appropriate emotions. For some people it is easier than others, but just about anyone can learn the skills. Join a local acting group if you want to really perfect the craft and keep an eye out for ads. A few simple web searches should lead you to agencies or companies that are hiring.

Perfect for:

Outgoing individuals that don’t mind acting silly. Those with distinct voices.

8. Personal Shopper $25,000 – $100,000

13 Personal Shopper 25000 – 100000

This, in my opinion, is one of the strangest jobs on the list. While this is easily a career, it can also be a part-time job to bring in some extra income. A personal shopper can be employed by a company or an individual. Generally, an individual will be very hard to get a job with as they are the wealthy that require very specific tastes.

Working with a company, you will help individuals figure out just what it is that will make them – them. Most people have very little sense of how to take full advantage of their own personal style. Many have no clue what their style is. A personal shopper will get to know the individual and come up with a plan that will make sure that the client starts to move towards a look that fits their personality.

Now that mail order is more common, you can even work without any face to face time with a wide variety of people. You put together boxes of clothing, get the clients feedback and adjust based on what they say.

Perfect for:

People that know style and stay on top of it. Outgoing people that are good at reading others.

7. Horse Exerciser $51,000

14 Horse Exerciser 51000

So this title is a job and a machine. The image here is considered a horse exerciser as it keeps the horses moving without human interaction. A true horse exerciser is more akin to a jokey’s understudy.  The goal here is to keep horses healthy and ready for whatever tasks they have ahead of them.

Essentially, you will be required to take the horse out on runs, ensure they are practicing proper form, and record data that you find as you perform the exercises. If you are an animal lover and have little desire to go into veterinary sciences, this is one of the highest-paying jobs you can get outside of owning a ranch, farm, or racing horse.

Perfect for:

Animal lovers. Those that wish to be a jokey.

6. Bingo Manager $57,000

15 Bingo Manager 57000

Let us get it out of the way right now, Bingo is the go-to sport for the elderly. That does not mean it isn’t a high dollar and high-stress past time. People spend hours and hours a day trying to make some money, spending time with their friends, and looking forward to screaming out those magic words “Bingo!”

As a bingo manager, you are in charge of a facility. It seems easy enough, but you have to ensure everything is on the up and up. There is little difference in managing a bingo facility and a casino. When so much money is involved, you will have to stay eagle-eyed on employees and patrons to make sure everything is moving as it should. You will also be in charge of hiring, firing, disciplinary action, events, keeping patrons happy, and a myriad of other tasks – all in the interest of competing with other bingo resorts.

Perfect for:

Managers looking for something unique. People looking to move into higher stakes gambling positions but need experience.

5. Locomotive Engineer $64,000

16 Locomotive Engineer 64000

This is one of those jobs that we may have said we wanted as a kid. A locomotive engineer is basically what we called a train conductor in our younger years. The key skills required generally have more to do with logistics than with welcoming people onto your train.

Most engineers work for shipping companies. They don’t require anything more than a high school diploma or a GED, but they will need a commercial driver’s license and a certification from the Federal Railroad Administration. Re-certification is something to expect throughout your career and hearing and vision tests must be passed to stay in the field.

You will also learn – or need to know – how to handle mechanical defects and perform the repairs in many cases. As a train is a dangerous vehicle, safety is key and you will constantly be checked on your ability to safely operate the locomotive.

Perfect for:

People great with machines and their hands. The kid in all of us.

4. Clinical Ethicist $67,000

17 Clinical Ethicist 67000

Probably one of the more important and controversial jobs on this list is the clinical ethicist. Essentially a clinical ethicist is in charge of the ethics in which a clinic or hospital runs. They make the “feelers” decisions for lack of a better term. In this role, your primary function will be defining what is ethically correct and what isn’t.

This is also one of the most difficult jobs on this list for a few reasons. First, ethics can be a grey area for many. While some see no problem in allowing the terminally ill to end their lives on their own means, others see it as an affront to God. Abortions are also a hot topic. But those are more of the political arguments. More of your time will be spent in smaller scale ethical decision making. You may have to reconsider the choices that you made in the past as new situations arise.

Some of the day to day choices you will make has to do with real-world situations. Two individuals come to the ER at the same time, but there is only enough staff to try to save one, which do you choose? Most ethicists have a background in another field such as medicine, nursing, theology, public health, social science, law, or philosophy. This can be a stressful and rewarding job, but one that few will ever understand.

Perfect for:

Decision-makers. Compassionate people. Those that want to try to make a difference in peoples lives.

3. Soil Conservationist $63,000

18 Soil Conservationist 63000

There are plenty of science-related careers out there that we have never heard of, but this is one that seems to be in pretty high demand. A soil conservationist develops ways to enhance sustainability, conserve soil and stop or reduce erosion.

Some conservationists work in construction where they will act as surveyors and advice the builders on safety measures to protect the land, others will work as consultants for farmers to help with crop rotation and growth.

You will need a bachelor’s degree to enter this field of work, at a minimum, but many prefer that you have a master’s. While science is generally seen as a job for those in white coats and sterile environments, this is a totally different take on that.

Perfect for:

People that like to get their hands dirty. Those interested in science but want to work outdoors as much as possible.

2. Trash Collector $60,000

19 Trash Collector 60000

Trash collectors have a bit of a stigma. Most are viewed as ex-cons or those that couldn’t make it anywhere else. The truth is, this is a highly rewarding job – at least financially – and according to those that work in the field, it is the most fun career available Of course it takes a specific personality to go down this path, but for the right person it is a perfect way to stay healthy and spend your days outside.

Dangers come with the job of course. From hanging on the truck to the myriad of sharp objects that people carelessly throw out in their regular trash, collectors have to be focused on what they do. They also have to be prepared for the heat and humidity of the summer and the cold and rain of the fall and winter. For those that find this a perfect way to make a living, all of those are just an added benefit of the job.

Perfect for:

Those that want a low stress but highly active job. People that don’t mind getting dirty, sweaty, or cold. People that prefer solitude.

1. Sommelier Up To $160,000

20 Sommelier Up To 160000

On the complete other side of the table from our previous career choice is the Sommelier. Essentially, this is an individual with a deep knowledge of win, win, and food pairing, and generally a certification and education to go along with all of it. They are responsible for creating a wine list, a pairing list, and suggesting specific wines for guests at fine dining restaurants.

While an education is not required to obtain the title, to become certified you will generally need an associate’s degree that focuses on the skills required to perform all the duties expected of you. On top of that, you will need plenty of experience in the field to have any chance of obtaining a lead role. It may be a dying art form and a career that is highly competitive, but for the right individuals, this is the perfect way to live a life the way they want.

Perfect for:

Those that like fine dining and lavish lifestyles. Those with impeccable taste and manners. Those that want to build relationships with high-end clients at their restaurant.

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