17. Airplane Repo Man $10,000 to $900,000

Airplane Repo Man $10,000 to $900,000

An airplane repo man is exactly what you would expect. We have all likely faced a point in our lives where we feared that the repo man may come calling for our car. Airplane repo men are doing the same thing.

When someone takes out a loan to purchase an aircraft, skipped payments lead to the seizure of that vehicle. Unfortunately, airplanes are easier to move long distances so those int his field have to track down the planes and bring them back to the bank. They get paid on a commission in most cases. If they repossess a high dollar plane (relatively) they are likely to see a bigger check. The job can be dangerous and rewarding at the same time.

Perfect for:

Those that are good at finding people or items and want a career that takes them – possibly – all over the world.

16. Mystery Shopper $100 Per Assignment

Mystery Shopper $100 Per Assignment

Mystery shopping is one of those incredible careers if you can find a legit company. The problem is too many companies are simply scams and don’t offer the jobs. There is not a solid way to find a reputable company without trial and error or searching on reputable sites like Indeed.com.

With that said, this is less of a long term career and more of a filler job. This is something that you do to make some extra money on the side, doing what you were already going to do. You basically visit a store, buy some items, generally purchased with money provided by the hiring company, then fill out a questionnaire about the quality of service and if the employees did what was expected.

Your responses have a significant impact on the store and especially the employee. It is key that you pay attention and answer honestly. If you aren’t sure if they did what the question is asking and you don’t have the ability to respond with anything but a yes or no it is generally a better idea to give the employee the benefit of the doubt. Either way, this is a great way to earn some extra cash for very little effort.

Perfect for:

Busy parents or professionals that want to add just a little income without a significant commitment.

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