Many of the world’s mysteries have been explained by logic, science, and even by archaeology but there are still mysteries. Some mysteries are enigmas that scientists have been baffled by and cannot yet solve. Scientists continue to debate such mysteries like where did people come from with many plausible theories but still have not found the definitive answer.

Here are top 10 world’s greatest unsolved mysteries: 

1. Stonehenge

Unsolved Mysteries

Stonehenge’s mystery is all about why it was built. Stonehenge is a large circle of giant stones that stands in the southern area of England. Historians believe it was assembled around 3000-2000 BC. Scientists are using carbon dating to try and focus in on the exact date it was built within that range. While there are methods to determine the age of the stones there is still a mystery as to why they were built and how people in that time managed to move stones that large without modern technology. Additionally, the stones were assembled so that they aligned with the sunrise of both solstices. There are theories that the alignment might have a religious meaning or importance and many pagan rituals are held there as well as druid rituals during this solstice alignment.

2. Jack the Ripper

In the late 19th century a serial killer in London’s Victorian East area has never been identified. The name given to this killer was Jack the Ripper and this person terrorized the neighborhood with his attacks on prostitutes, the poor, and those who lived around the Whitechapel areas. Since the killer has never been captured or prosecuted no one knows for certain how many murders were actually committed by Jack the Ripper himself or by someone else. The media created a supervillain with the name Jack the Ripper which made the public blame him for probably more than he actually did.

3. DB Cooper

In all aviation-related history in the United States there is only one instance where a plane was hijacked and the person was not caught. The hijacking took place in 1971 and the supposed hijacker was named DB Cooper. He had taken over a Boeing 727 and held the plane until he received $200,000 ransom then jumped out of the plane and disappeared. Little is known about what happened to DB Cooper after he left the plane using a parachute that was on board for emergencies. Many years later some of the money that was paid to DB Cooper in the ransom was found on shore nearby where he might have landed.

4. Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste is a luxury ship that was found completely abandoned for no reason and has become the biggest unsolved maritime mystery. No one has been able to explain where the crew went and left the entire cargo on board. The ship was found in good weather and there was no evidence of the crew, they had even left all their belongings on the ship.

5. The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is an area of the open sea that falls between Florida, Bermuda, and the island of Puerto Rico. This area of the ocean has had more deaths occur in that region than in any other area through the Navy in the United States disputes this idea. Yet strange things continue to happen and there have been many instances where planes and boats have gone missing within the Bermuda triangle which makes it one of the world’s unsolved mysteries.

6. The Shroud of Turin

One religious mystery that has baffled scientists is the Shroud of Turin. The Catholic Church believes that the shroud was the cloth used to wrap Jesus in after he was crucified and died making this a genuine Christ relic and they treat the shroud with reverence. The shroud has the picture of a man in the center of the cloth and the man had marks on his body from crucifixion. The shroud is displayed in Turin, at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. There are issues that scientists found that make it a puzzle. First carbon dating suggested that it might not be real and second the image of a man appears on the cloth and there is no explanation for how it could be made. These two things make the shroud of Turin and unsolved mystery still today.

7. The Loch Ness Monster

Scotland is the home of the next unsolved world mystery the Loch Ness Monster. There are many theories around this mystery one of which is that this is a dinosaur that has survived in the deep loch waters. The locals have named this monster Nessie and there have been rumors and stories of Nessie’s appearance since 1930. There have been photographs taken in the loch which show images that could be a sea monster and there were sonars done that also found objects that could be Nessie. One idea is that it is a type of dinosaur called a Plesiosaurs and that it has been in the loch for many years. Disbelievers, however, say this is not true and say that pictures and any sightings are just errors.

8. Bigfoot

An unsolved mystery haunts people in the Pacific North West. This mystery is named Bigfoot and is thought to be a large human-like creature called a Sasquatch. There are stories from folklore and recently that describe a large, hair-covered, man-like creature roaming the northwest forests on the continent of North America. There are some that think it could be a new ape species or maybe a closely evolved relation to humans. There have been many people who claimed to have seen Bigfoot and others who took blurry and poorly focused pictures of something that could not be clearly identified. Just like the Loch Ness Monster there are doubters that Bigfoot exists and many believe people have not seen what they claimed. To date there has been no solid evidence that says Bigfoot is real by there are many who believe they exist and are positive that someday they will find a real Bigfoot.

9. Kryptos

Located just outside the Central Intelligence Agency headquarters is the ninth unsolved mystery in the world Kryptos. An artist named Jim Sanborn designed Kryptos. Kryptos is a large curved grey sculpture that curves around on itself like a rolled piece of paper. His artwork includes four encrypted messages that no one to date has been able to completely solve. The artwork is next to the best cryptographers in the world but they still have not been able to solve the code despite clues that Sanborn provided. The complexity of Kryptos and the codes not being solved to date make it one of the top unsolved mysteries of the world.

10. Unidentified Flying Objects

Unidentified flying objects (UFO) have long been the topic of UFO enthusiasts who claim to regularly spot these objects in the sky. No one really knows if there are truly alien ships flying around the earth but there have been many objects that have appeared both in the sky and on the radar. Scientists tend to dismiss these sightings and say that it was caused by weather or other planes flying in the area. There are many sightings that there is no plausible explanation for that believers claim are proof that alien ships exist and are flying in the earth’s atmosphere. There is no definitive proof for or against UFOs which makes them the tenth unsolved mystery in the world

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