Bizarre Allergies

Peanuts, wheat, mildew, it seems that these days everyone is allergic to something. While these aforementioned widespread and common, there are quite atypical allergies.

Here are 9 most bizarre allergies that FoxViral picked for you.

1. Water allergy

Bizarre Allergies

Although the water is all around us and in us, believe it or not, some are allergic to it. Aquagenic urticaria is a rare condition in which water at any temperature can cause severe itching and painful rashes. Because of this condition is still no cure, showering and swimming are impossible.

2. Shoes allergy

Bizarre Allergies

Women’s worst nightmare, but some are allergic to the shoes.  Inflammation and cracked skin are just some of the symptoms caused by adhesives and materials used for making shoes, and sweat can make things worse. Such people usually wear socks to protect from contact with materials.

3. Exercise allergy

Bizarre Allergies

Although it sounds like a good excuse to avoid physical activity, one that suffers from this allergy will tell you that it is not so simple. Symptoms ranging from rashes, gastrointestinal problems, and life-threatening anaphylaxis.  Antihistamines and refrain from exercise are a way of treatment.

4. Sun allergy

Bizarre Allergies

This allergy is the immune reaction to sunlight which is reflected in the strong itching, headaches and nausea, but can also cause blisters and bleeding under the skin.  In the worst cases, a person must not be exposed to sunlight and must use protection.

5. Underwear allergy

Bizarre Allergies

As well as shoes, underwear contains materials that can cause severe reactions.Latex and rubber are the most common causes of allergies, so you should choose those pieces of clothes that do not contain.

6. Technology allergy

Bizarre Allergies

It is difficult to avoid technology – flat screens, telephones and wireless Internet, but there are people that should not be approached even close.   Severe symptoms occur to them  when they find themselves close to any electromagnetic field. Their homes are not allowed to use cell phones and microwave ovens.  Some of them are moving in some parts of France that are completely free of such radiation.

7. Chocolate allergy

Bizarre Allergies

Some would not be able to live with it, and some can not do without it.  Allergy symptoms are headache, rash, shortness of breath. IzChallengers maybe soy, milk, or cocoa.

8. Cold urticaria

Bizarre Allergies

People who are allergic to cold, the rash, red skin them, catches them fainting, shock or even death. While there is no cure for urticaria, there are medicines that can help a bit.

9. All foods and beverages other than water

Bizarre Allergies

A condition that is so rare that there is no name.  If you bring anything but water, ice and special lemonade, acting serious stomach problems, vomiting, and stomach ulcers which is why people who suffer from this allergy are often in the hospital. To get the necessary supplies, special formulas are used within 20 days through a tube, and must maintain excellent self-control around food.

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