The time has come; After years of living with annoying roommates or residing with intrusive family members, you finally have the required money and the nerve to fly solo by living on your own. It’s quite a usual thing; from sharing to lonesome! But, you are feeling a little uncertain… after all, getting your own place comes with some risks. Before you take the jump off the fence, you need to consider the actual pros and cons of living on your own.


Cons of Living Alone

You are responsible for the move. Indeed, there are no roommates or siblings to take over your accessories, but that also means there are less people involved to help you moving. It’s all on you to decide how to get everything sent to your new place and to unpack all once they’ve arrived. Plus, you are the one who should now figure the lease, and put together the deposit.

Living alone can creep you out at times. For instance, if you have been reading the creepiest stories on a Facebook Page, you might end up spending the night under your blanket. Every creak and sound will make you paranoid as you know no one’s there to protect you. No one to share your break-up stories with can be quite unfortunate! If you lived with roommates, you’ll have people to complain to while they treat yourself with beers and ice-cream. Plus, they would play some video games with you, giving you more social contact.

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Pros of Living Alone

You have full control over your space. The silly fights about whether the color of the wall looks nice or not is over! You can paint your home whichever color you like, without having to seek advice from anyone. The extra bedroom can become your study room, your library, your store, or your art studio! You do what you want! Whether you have ice-cream or beer for breakfast or going to bed at 2 a.m on a Monday night, no one is going to judge you.

Your new home will be your kingdom and only you shall rule. You do not have to fear about your parents or roommates getting home. Living with roommates can be a whole series of gossiping and dramas! You will no longer have to go through this torment as you’ll be fully on your own. No need to tell people to clean the bathroom after washing their hair or to throw the carton when the milk is over.

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