Hot weather is not a woman’s best friend. Dealing with slipping and sliding makeup and frizzy hair is a nightmare. However, there are some makeup tricks that you can employ to ensure that you feel light and fresh even in the hottest of months.
MakeUp Tricks

1. Wear primer

Wearing primer ensures that your foundation and blush last longer. Primers are silicone-based, light formulations that act as a protective barrier between the skin and makeup. Use an oil-free product and apply it to moisturized skin before laying on the concealer and the foundation. It prevents the foundation from settling in your pores or melting on your skin. In addition, it makes your skin look smooth and even.

2. Use tinted moisturizer

Instead of applying layers of foundation, use a tinted moisturizer. It will not slide off your face like a foundation. Tinted moisturizers give the appearance of a smooth, even complexion. They reduce redness and blotches and make you feel light and fresh.

3. Powder your T-zone

To cancel the shine, use a makeup brush to dust loose powder on your T-zone. Ensure that it is translucent and not tinted, or else the heat may cause problems. Choose a product that gives a matte finish without drying out the skin.

4. Use oil-absorbing sheets

When your face begins to glisten due to the heat, use oil-absorbing sheets to soak up the excess oil. Applying more face powder can give you the dreaded caked look. Face powder also tends to get blotchy when the weather is humid. You can touch up your skin at regular intervals throughout the day to keep your skin looking refreshed.

5. Apply antiperspirant at bedtime

Antiperspirant works better when applied at night because the aluminum-based compounds in the product have more time to get absorbed into the skin before you start sweating. Since they work by blocking the sweat glands, spraying on deodorant at night is more effective than using it just before heading out. For added freshness, you could top up with another spray on your underarms in the morning.

6. Wear a topknot

You might feel like chopping off your hair in the summer to beat the heat. Instead, you could wear your hair up in a topknot that is currently in fashion. Stylish buns can dress up your look, whether you’re dressing for the club or the beach. This hairstyle keeps hair off your back, shoulders, and face and keeps you cooler.

7. Use waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara is a must in hot and sweaty weather. It avoids the disastrous effects of smudging and bleeding. Earlier, such mascaras caused brittle lashes. Nowadays, cosmetic companies have added a conditioner to the formulation. You could apply a softening product to your lashes as well to keep them from becoming brittle.

Remember to apply mascara only to the top lashes and not the bottom ones because makeup tends to run in steamy weather. When removing mascara, gently rub using a remover.

8. Highlight your eyes

You can look dressy with virtually no makeup by just highlighting your eyes. Choose cream eye shadows over liquid or powder ones to minimize caking and melting. Sheer eye shadows also glisten in the sun, giving your eyes a dramatic look.

9. Use tinted lip balm

Go off heavy lipsticks and runny lip glosses during summer. Invest in a good quality tinted lip balm with a high wax content. Also, ensure that the lip balm provides protection against UVA and UVB rays. If it contains vitamin E for nourishment, all the better!

10. Use cream blush

Just like powder or liquid eye shadows aren’t exactly the preferred choice of makeup during summer, you should stay away from using powder blush. Use a creamy formulation or a gel blush that will blend in your skin. Choose bright colors like pink and coral to add a healthy glow to the apples of your cheeks.

11. Use liquid eyeliner

It requires a lot of practice and patience to apply liquid eyeliner neatly but it stays put as compared to kohl pencils. No fading or washing out of color here! You can extend the line beyond your lash line for a flirty look.

12. Wear headbands

When your hair refuses to listen to you and goes crazy in hot and humid weather, headbands are a great way to tame them and hide sweaty roots. There are so many colors and designs to choose from – you can experiment to your heart’s content.

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