Japanese Women

Japan may be the second biggest market for some of the finest beauty products, but the majority of its female population swear by traditional beauty and wellness formulas rather than falling in the trap of popular cosmetic brands and products. Let’s look at some of the beauty ‘secrets’ of Japanese women.

1. Are you eating right?

An old doctrine states ‘You are what you eat.’ No one but the Japanese truly understands the essence of this statement. Beauty begins with what you have been consuming and not essentially what you are applying externally. It is no secret that the diet of Japanese people is considered to be one of the most detoxifying and enriching.

Sugary and fatty substances seldom find a place in a staple Japanese meal. Expect to find oodles of vitamin-loaded delicacies made of broccoli and other leafy vegetables. Also, Japan boasts of a large fish-eating population, particularly fish packed with Omega 3 acids, which are effective to curb the body’s chemicals responsible for aging.

2. Green tea is your best friend

Green tea, packed with a lot of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties, is a much-loved drink by the Japanese. Japanese women with a fairy-like appearance not just drink multiple cups of the rejuvenating green tea but are also known to apply its concentrated mixture on skin breakouts and other problem areas.

3. Heard of Matcha Tea?

The Japanese not just drink a lot of green tea, but have also formulated a nutritious drink made out of powdered green tea foliages. One cup of this magic drink packs the same amount of antioxidants that one would derive from consuming ten cups of the refreshing tea. What’s more, they have taken the love for Matcha forward by creating matcha cakes and pies, which can be dissolved into coffee and milkshakes.

4. Oiling – The age-old tonic

One thing that sets the Japanese women apart from the rest of the world is that they have made those essential oils their best friend. For cleaning and moisturizing, one product that they first think of is those beautifying oils and not the chemically blended moisturizers and toners.

5. Oil for make-up removal

Japanese women not just substitute popular moisturizers with oils, but they also remove heavy make-up with the organic Camellia oil. It is counted as one of the popular beauty secrets. This oil is known to battle skin aging and keep it evenly moisturized. The Tale of Genji is one of the oldest written books on this planet and describes how the ancient Japanese women used Camellia oil for dressing their mane.

6. Start Loving Rice

While most of us easily dispose of the residue left when we rinse out half-cooked rice, the Japanese women use the same water to bathe. Packed with balsamic properties and an effective antioxidant, it controls skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays and provides holistic nourishment to the skin.

Though aging is only natural, the Japanese very well know how to intelligently combat it and, indeed, provide us with some wonderful insights into their long-lasting beauty and wellness.

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