Barbecue Facts

When it comes to barbecue, there is no such style of food quite like this one. The magic that happens when you leave a piece of meat hours inside a smoker is something that inspire more powerful and passionate devotion than just about any other kind of food on earth. Regardless if you are an enthusiastic or just an occasional steak-eater, we are sure that there are some facts you still don’t know about this amazing style of cuisine.

1. Where the word ‘barbecue’ comes from nobody really knows

That the word ‘barbecue’ came from the Spanish word barbacoa, that everybody knows. But where the word was actually originated, that is still angrily debated. The main theory is that its origins lie in “barabicu”, a word the Taino people of Florida that means ‘a framework of sticks upon post.’ A different theory says that it comes from the French word barbe à queue, which refers to the way a whole animal is skew on a rotisserie.

2. The type of wood used plays an important role

It is true that there are high quality barbecue for sale that can help you prepare very good barbecue. But to make a really good barbecue, you cannot just chop down any old tree and use it for smoke. The best wood for pork and beef are hard woods such as hickory, oak, mesquite and pecan, because they lead a strong smoky flavour. For smoking fish and poultry, fruit woods such as cherry, apple and pear leads a sweeter, mild taste.

3. The ‘smoke ring’ is due to a carbon monoxide-based chemical reaction

When a meat has a faint reddish ‘smoke ring’ around its circumference, that means it is a real barbecue. This is lead by a chemical reaction between the carbon monoxide in the smoke and an oxygen-carrying protein in the muscle tissue.

4. Barbecue can actually make you smarter

Centuries ago, evidence suggests that humans started cooking their meat with controlled fire, which is today also one of the argued origins of barbecue. Interestingly, this factor coincides with the biggest advancement in the evolution and growth of human brains. According to experts, after they learned how to cook meat, our distant ancestors released the energy that was once used to digest hard raw foods. This energy was then refocused, which allowed their brains to grow at a more fast rate.

5. The most popular barbecue days

Some days are more popular for barbecue than others. In Australia, popular days for cooking barbecue include Christmas and New Year’s, but Australia Day itself is the most popular barbecue day in the country.

With Christmas and New Years’ around the corner, that means there will be amazing offers on barbecue for sale. So if you haven’t bought your barbecue yet, now it is the time, or you prefer to spend another new year watching your neighbors cooking their barbecue while you are drooling.

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