Favorite Cool Summer Drink

Drink up, people! Quenching your thirst is not only healthy but tasty too. Whether you’re at a bar-b-que with family or friends, grabbing something to go as you hit the road, or relaxing by the pool on a lazy summer day; a beverage is always a necessity. What do you like to wet your palette with when the desire for a drink hits? And I am not speaking about alcohol. I am talking about cold, refreshing non-alcohol beverages.

Check out these all-time favorites.

  • Sun Teas

Place a pitcher in the sun-filled with water and your favorite flavored tea bags. Add some lemons, limes, sliced oranges, or watermelon. Leave it to soak in the sun. Once it’s good and ready, add some ice and enjoy!

  • Frozen Smoothie

You can add any combination of fresh fruits and veggies to include peanut butter, avocado, and oatmeal.

  • Cucumber Water

A liquid treats so refreshing and simple; it’s almost a staple for any refrigerator. Just add sliced cucumber to a pitcher of fresh water and let it chill for a few hours and indulge.

  • Iced Coffee

Make your preferred cup and then add ice. Or maybe you get busy in the morning, and your coffee gets cold all by itself! You can top your iced coffee with some coconut whipped cream sprinkled with cinnamon for a little touch of pizazz.

The beautiful thing about drinks in the summer, or any time of the year, they can be made to order. And you can always add a splash of your favorite alcohol to spice things up. Just remember to drink responsibly! Go out and enjoy a cool beverage today or make your desired drink at home.

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