Do you long for some good cheap date ideas to enjoy with your sweetheart?  Here at our little house on the valley, we are often lacking for fresh ways to spice things up a bit. We know how important it is to invest time into our marriage relationship. We sometimes get stuck in a rut when it comes to spending some fun couple-only time together.  Our budget doesn’t allow for elaborate dates and outings, so we like to get creative and see what we can come up with.

Cheap Date Ideas

We have found that sometimes the most simple things, both planned and unplanned can actually be more enjoyable then a more elaborate and costly event.

Here are 18 cheap date ideas that we came up with on our bucket list to do. These are activities that don’t require a lot of pre-planning or money. In fact some are absolutely free!


Book A Photo Shoot – When was the last time you and your husband had photos taken together, without kids?  We never have. I think it would be fun to have some carefree outdoor photos taken just as a couple. This could be a really great way to spark some sweet time together.

Community Theater – We really enjoy taking in community theater.  It’s not only a reasonable date, but a good way to support our local community.  We have enjoyed  many plays and theater productions locally even as much as our big city theater productions that cost a lot more.

Be a Local Tourist – This is something we overlook a lot, and want to do more in the future. There is just so much to see and do right out our back door without going too far.  We would like to play tourist for a day in our small town, and see what it’s like to explore our city from a different vantage point.  This could be a blast to do anywhere you live.

A Day At The Beach – Here in Washington state we have cool wet-sand beaches, but still so enjoyable. The beach can be a great place for quiet walks or more busy activities, such as clam and oyster digging, crabbing, beachcombing, and even geo-ducking!  Exploring some of your local beaches, and walking along the sand with your loved one, is romantic, invigorating, and even spiritual as you take in the beauty of God’s creation together.

Junk Shopping – We like to go exploring in antique and thrift shops for fun treasures. If you have a good flea market where you live, that can be a blast as well.  This can be a unique way to spend time together as a couple as you go hunting for some new-found gems for your home.  After all your efforts take some time out for a nice lunch at a cafe.

A Picnic – A picnic is always fun, and romantic. If the weather is not great outside, have a picnic indoors. You can lay a blanket on the floor and even some pillows for comfort. Fix some yummy picnic foods. This is the right time to use that indoor grill if you prefer hamburgers or grilled chicken for your picnic.

Drive through the Mountains – Roads permitting, you could take a drive through the mountains and see the various sights. This is especially fun in winter when fresh snow has fallen and the roads are not icy. Take some photos along the way and document your trip. This will not cost you anything except the gas in the car. You can take your own food and drinks to snack on along the way.

Take a Sunday Drive – Don’t have time for heading to the mountains?  Then a nice Sunday drive after church is a great option. We love heading out to explore backcountry roads and even housing developments with beautiful homes to drool over.  It’s fun to do a little dreaming as we drive around. We end up having the best one-on-one conversations during our Sunday drives.

Cook Together – Do you both enjoy preparing food in your kitchen? My husband isn’t really a good cook, but he wants to learn, so sometimes I throw him in the kitchen and have him help me.  I find it can be pretty fun hanging out in the kitchen together, and we end up with good laughs and chats as we cook and then eat some delicious food together.

Have a Home Movie Night – Whether you choose to rent DVDs, borrow DVDs from the library, check out what is playing on your premium channels, stream a movie, or pay extra for a pay-per-view selection, movie night can be a great date in your own living room. Make something inexpensive for snacks or even for a late evening meal to enjoy while you watch the chosen movie. This is a cheap date idea to fit anyone’s budget.

Choir or Music Performance – Is the church choir performing a special presentation at church?  You can check your community newspaper and website for local concerts going on around town. You and your sweetheart may enjoy heading out to listen to a musical concert or vocal performance.

Go To A Sporting Event – Maybe do a date night that is geared toward your man.  Sometimes finding something to do that appeals more to a man is a great way to enhance your relationship.  So head to a game of his choice and have a good time cheering for your team.

Tackle a New DIY project together – We actually enjoy doing DIY projects together here on the farm, and have joked that it is a hobby for us.  We get to know a lot about each other when we work together and feel a sense of accomplishment when we are done. There is something about planning, and executing a home project that is bonding and great for our marriage.  You may not consider this a “date idea” but it’s all in the perspective, and can be a whole lot of fun!

Visit a Local Museum – There are some amazing museums and most of us have them within driving distance of where we live. Some are even free. It can be a nice time walking through the various exhibits, learning about art, people, history, and more.

Game Night For Two – Maybe you like a good game of scrabble, chess, backgammon, cards, or some other games. My husband and I enjoy playing some games together after the kids have gone to bed, it’s fun to have a little healthy competition between the two of us.

An Evening In the Books – We like heading to our local Barnes and Noble store.  We browse around for new books, or just read a magazine or two, then we sit down for a nice cup of coffee and conversation without kids.  It’s a very relaxing and low-cost way to get out.  Maybe you have some great local bookstores that you can enjoy together.

Take Up A New Hobby – Local craft shops or art stores are the places to look for various craft classes that you can take together.  Or consider taking a photography or cooking class together. You may even have a pottery shop local to you that offers low-cost lessons. This way, you can spend time perfecting your new craft together. It will provide many hours of enjoyment for you and your better half.

Get Out Into Nature – There is something so bonding about getting out into nature and taking a walk, hike, or bicycle ride together with your husband, wife, or loved one.  You get to take in the fresh air and release stress and tension that builds up at home.  Stepping into nature helps us clear our minds, and focus on each other.  If you don’t want to go walking, hiking, or biking, you can just sit for a while in a quiet park and have time to reflect.  Pack a lunch and let your spirits and souls rest in the great outdoors as a couple.

May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth. Proverbs 5:18

We hope that our bucket list of 18 cheap date ideas will spark some ideas for you and your loved one. Most of all that you will begin to find little ways to love on each other, spend recreational time, and deepen your relationship more than ever!


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