Hot Cars Kill

It’s that time of the year when the temperatures are beginning to rise. It is the fun hot season when we want to head to the beach and stick our toes in the sand or dunk ourselves in the salty sea. Start leaving your pets at home. It only takes a few minutes for a car to overheat even when parked in the shade.

Pets are unable to cool their temperature as people can through sweating. If your pet becomes overheated, it can go into shock very quickly which can cause irreversible organ damage or even worse, death. The best thing to do is leave your pet at home where he/she can safely await your return. A happy pet is a healthy pet, and a happy healthy pet is one that greets you at the door upon your arrival.

Please Don’t Leave the Car Running

Many people think that it’s okay to leave the car running with the A/C blowing. Many pets have died with the pet owner’s good intentions to include a police dog. Cars have overheated, or the air conditioning failed and began blowing warm air instead, and ultimately the car’s temperature inside became too much, and pets succumbed to a tragedy. A car’s temperature on the inside can be 40 degrees warmer than what it is on the outside.

And don’t leave your pet in the back of a pickup truck. It sounds like a logical thing to do and your dog might look like he enjoys this idea. The metal of the truck can heat up and burn your pet’s paw or skin. Your dog might see or be spooked by something and jump out. What happens when you have to slam on your brakes? LEAVE YOUR PETS at HOME!

What You Can Do

1. If you see a pet locked in a car on a hot sunny day call your local police department immediately.

A police officer can take immediate action if necessary. They will either dispatch an officer or call Animal Control. The local police department can dispatch Animal Control directly which often is faster than you can find their contact number and reach someone with a pulse.

2. Note the Cars Color, Make, Model, and License Number.

Go to the manager of the store parking lot where the car is parked and ask that they page the owner over the intercom.

Leaving your pets at home during warmer weather is the BEST decision you can make for the health and safety of your beloved fur friend. Be kind to your faithful companions and let them wait comfortably on the couch or cool tiled floor at home. Cheers to a happy and safe summer season for you and all your fun furry kids.

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