Liam Neeson Best Option as a Celebrity Spokesman
Liam Neeson at the 53rd Golden Camera Awards in Hamburg, Germany on February 22nd, 2018
The Nielsen company recently did a small research around the celebrities and the commercials they did in the first three months of the year. They came to the conclusion that Liam Neeson is the best actor a company can ask to endorse their products. The research, as revealed by Freep, involved quite a few important things. These included the influence the celebs seem to be having over the audience, the level of their public awareness, how much they’re liked, and other similar factors.

This seems to be making it pretty clear that as far as the recent commercials are concerned, Liam Neeson is probably the best option for any company that needs to launch an effective campaign for their new product or want to revive demand for an old one.

The exact score for Neeson, who has worked in an ad for Supercell Games recently, has turned out to be 94. The study also revealed that he is liked by as many as 78% of all Americans who know him.

There were also quite a few other celebs who scored pretty impressively according to the research, or in the company’s words, Nielsen’s measurement. These include Jennifer Garner, Jeff Bridges, J.K. Simmons, Jim Parsons, Pierce Brosnan, Dennis Haysbert, Matthew McConaughey, Sofia Vergara, and Natalie Portman.

In fact, Pierce Brosnan scored the same as Neeson. However, as far as the influence over getting the products sold goes, the latter outranked the former and was hence was put at the top of the list.

Indianexpress reported that Neeson did an ad for promoting “Clash of Clans”, a highly popular game, while his fellow Irishman Brosnan took up the job of promoting Kia motors. The commercial did by the former gained quite a lot of popularity, as well as resulted in the ad campaign turning out to be a highly effective one.

Matthew McConaughey was ranked just below the Irish duo, with an impressively high score of 93, just one short of the leaders. He too promoted a motor company in 2015, Lincoln Motors. Among the other successful people on the list, only Jennifer Garner managed to score 90, while the rest ended up with a sub-90 score. Also, apart from Jennifer, only two other women managed to make it to the list. Based on these results, it seems like the male celebs seem to be doing considerably better than the female ones, as far as endorsing products is concerned.

This research’s results will probably mean Neeson getting flooded with more and more work, which is expected to keep him busy throughout the rest of the year. A good few companies will look to bank on him, especially after discovering the fact that he has given out quite a few successful commercials recently. On the other hand, this may also mean a considerably less demand for the celebs who scored poorly as per the measurement.

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