Like everything else in the modern world, television has come a long way. The TV shows of yesterday truly are a thing of the past, with the modern TV show rivaling some of the best movies ever made. TV today is creating characters and plots we can’t seem to live without, and there are some that are becoming as much a part of our lives as anything else we cherish.

We end up falling in love not only with the show itself, but with the characters in which they contain. Their lives often become as real to us as our own. We cry when they cry and laugh when they laugh. There’s something else that is close to us regarding the characters we love, and that is the sheer aversion we feel for their enemies. We know that these antagonists are part of a good plot in every story, but this doesn’t make it any easier to like them.

Perhaps this is why we become so excited when they die a really good death. When the enemy of the character we love suffers, is tortured, and dies in an absurdly awesome way, we can’t help but celebrate. After all, these are the very people that caused the one’s we so adore suffering in the face of their existence. Who wouldn’t want to see a decent death of someone we’ve so abhorred?

There are fifteen television deaths that stand out in our minds a bit more than the others. Call us biased, but these demises are something we believe should be applauded. We all, whether we care to admit it or not, want to see these villains go down, no matter how much they add to the shows we love. It’s all part of it, and there’s nothing like a good TV death to satisfy us.

Obviously we’re throwing a spoiler alert out here. If you come across something you haven’t seen, we advise you to skip to something else. In no particular order may we present:

1. ER

Dr. Robert Romano

Pleasing TV Deaths

We’ve all had the boss that is seriously straight from hell, and the staff on ER was no exception. Dr. Romano was plain nasty and one of the most hostile “doctors” we’ve ever seen. His annoying sarcasm made fans of the show hate him even more, and the helicopter that landed on him after it lost control came as a welcome to a lot of us. The removal of Romano from the show was actually so well received that the episode that finally took him off the show forever received more viewers than the show had in quite some time.

2. House of Cards

Peter Russo

Pleasing TV Deaths

Peter Russo is someone we really loved to hate on House of Cards. He made it easy. Not only did he neglect his family, relationship, and job but did so because he was greedy. Who can love someone who puts sex, drugs, and alcohol above what’s really important? We all know that politicians can be a little backward, but Peter Russo really took it to the next level. Obviously, his drinking was ultimately the cause of his demise; it’s kind of hard to pass out like that in a car otherwise. Everyone like Russo should suffocate to death. Thanks Frank Underwood, you done good. We applaud you.

3. True Blood

Steve Newlin

We waited patiently for the death of Steve Newlin. We waited too long for the death of Steve Newlin. This scheming, no good, unstable hypocrite deserved his day in the sun as far as we’re concerned. Those of us that loved to hate him weren’t the only ones that saw this as a great way to off his annoying character. The blood that would have given his the power to stay out in the sun was denied, and when he was held by the throat by Eric, forced to stay in the sun and perish, even his fans thought the way he went was amusing. RIP Steve Newlin (we guess).

4. Fargo

Lorne Malvo

Lorne Malvo was definitely a villain that was easy to loathe. The murder and chaos he brought to the table as well as the sarcasm that seeped from his entire evil being left many waiting for the day he would die. It only made matters worse that he seemed to have this string of good fortune that kept him hanging on. We were really hoping to see him offed by Molly Solverson (that would have been something to see), but can accept it since her husband did the job just fine. It made it really easy to want to see him die when we were reminded that the show was based on actual events. Creepy. Good riddance Lorne. We were glad to see you go.

5. Dexter

Arthur Mitchell – The Trinity Killer

The brutal murders that Arthur Mitchell committed were unnerving to say the least, but it was who he really was behind the mask he wore is what really got under our skin. I mean, who wouldn’t loathe a man who pretended to be a Christian family man who was really a cold-blooded killer? It made for a fabulous plot twist, and despising this man became easier and easier as time marched on. How ironic that he was taken out by Dexter after he found out the Trinity Killer was responsible for his wife’s death? And death by hammer? Yes, please. You deserved every pounding, Arthur Mitchell.

6. Luther

Ian Reed

Deputy Chief Inspector Ian Reed started out as someone we thought we were going to love, he really did. After all, he was Luther’s best friend. The thing is, we’re supposed to be able to trust officers, and when he started taking bribes and negotiating with others, it was easy to lose all respect. Are you really going to kill everyone to try and protect yourself? You can only cover yourself up for so long until people are going to catch on. Thank you Alice Morgan. That bullet was meant for Ian Reed. We would have shot him ourselves if we could have.

7. Twenty-Four

Nina Myers

Deception makes for a pretty great villain, so we’ll have to give it to Nina Meyers there. As the only female on our list, she has definitely made a name for herself as a character we all love to hate. In the beginning she was okay, but what she became was something that we couldn’t believe. After becoming the cunning culprit she was, killing Jack’s wife and really not fighting the terrorists like she was supposed to but rather becoming one of them, we were more than happy to see her go. And what better way to go than from Jack Bauer himself? You deserved everything you got, Nina Myers. Good riddance.

8. Criminal Minds

The Reaper

The Reaper has its fair share of pretty crazy, psycho characters, but none were more disturbing than the Reaper. We just couldn’t figure out why he kept showing up episode after episode committing the heinous acts he did. At the end when he took out Hotch’s son, wife, and their US Marshall protector we were left horror-stricken until Hotch beat him to death with his own bare hands. Albeit a bit late, justice was finally served.

9. Fargo

Lester Nygaard

Lester was easy to almost take pity on as one of the most innocent looking scoundrels of all time. Perhaps that’s what made it easy to keep “liking” him even after he killed his wife. Apparently murdering your wife (no matter how bad she treats you) will make you do funny things, which is exactly what happened to Lester Nygaard. You’re going to kill your wife and then frame you brother? Who does that? Evil overtook Lester and seeing him fall through the thin mountain ice actually put a smile on our faces. You really do get what you deserve. Sorry Lester, you asked for it.

10. Bates Motel

Keith Summers

From the moment Keith Summers shows up at the hotel we know there’s something off about him. He starts off by completely demeaning Norma and Norman, seriously the epitome of a bad first impression, in our opinion. To add to it all he breaks into Norma’s house and rapes her. Revenge was sweet though, and after Norman knocked Keith out, we were thrilled to see Norma stab him to death. Even though we didn’t get to know Keith too well, we knew enough to know there was something evil that ran through him. Good riddance, Keith Summers. Your time was short and deservedly so.

11. Game of Thrones

Viserys Targaryen

Vuserys Targaryen was just straight evil. There is no getting around it, and this is something no one can really deny. This self-centered, pompous prince was beyond unduly indulged and really was just a bit too eager for the throne if you ask us. Someone who lets anyone rape their sister to better serve their own needs is just pain sick, and we know he would have killed her and her unborn child if he could have so he could be the only Targaryen alive to take the throne. So, we applaud you Khal. Death by molten gold never made someone’s demise look so good.

12. The Walking Dead

The Governor

While it’s easy to understand the madness everyone was going through in the Walking Dead, it is not as easy to understand the evilness of the Governor. He was ruthless, insane and completely deserving of death. The fact that it finally came by the two very prominent women in his life made it even better. Stabbed by the one he hated, and shot by the one he loved made for a pretty intense exit. Irony is a beautiful thing sometimes and this is just case in point.

13. The Mentalist

Red John

Serial killers are something to be reckoned with, and the mastermind of Red John was no exception. It’s hard not knowing who the serial killer is, and Red John made us wait…and wait…and wait. Five seasons kept us wondering and when Patrick finally choked Red John to death after a pretty good chase was a big break for those of us who had been kept on the edge of our seats for so long. It was pretty legitimate that John got the final say in things after Red John killed his wife and son.

14. Breaking Bad

Gustavo Fring

If you’re going to be the bad guy selling drugs while being the upstanding citizen who donates to the DEA is a good way to do it. We’ll give Gus Fring credit there, but it doesn’t make our feelings for him change. This hypocritical hospital board member really responsible for allocating a huge meth ring needed to be taken out. After watching him kill anyone and everyone who got in his way, the homemade bomb that finally killed him came as a welcomed work of art, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the end of this dirty, rotten scoundrel.

15. Game of Thrones

Joffrey Baratheon

We (and millions of other TV viewers) love Game of Thrones. It’s one of those shows that is filled with characters that we can’t help but hate, and return week after week just to see what their fate will become. Joffrey Baratheon was one that everyone who became enamored with this show loved to hate, and who could blame them, really? Not only did he promise Ned Stark he would pardon them and then have him beheaded, but he was just so…all about himself. Not to mention constantly treating Sansa Stark awfully and humiliating Tyrion Lannister every chance he could. His death came as a blow, no doubt, but death by poisoned wine seemed to be the perfect fit for the death of someone we all can agree on totally deserved to die

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