We always forget some very important things at home whenever we rush outside. Women are always in a hurry whether it is shopping, picking up kids from school, or visiting their mom. They just stash their bags with the stuff they see on the table and forget about the rest important ones. So whenever they open their bag to grab the very important stuff, to their surprise it is not available in their purse. Oh God! What have I done? Yes, exactly this is what you will say the next time you will forget your most important stuff at home.


A bag is a woman’s best friend. It goes with her everywhere and holds up all her important stuff and secrets. Not secrets though but if you will dump in your bag then you won’t find them again. It is always advised to keep your handbag or purse in an organized way to avoid any chaos at the time you search your bag for something. The tip is to keep the most important things in the zipped area and mobile phones in the holders already available in most of the bags. The most common things women usually carry in their bags are keys, wallet and mobile phone, but let’s see some other important things that must be present in your purse.

Whenever you go out for a busy day like visiting someone, shaking hands, shopping, or visiting an ATM with counting cash, later on, your hands are filled with some unseen germs and dust that is extremely dangerous for you. For these and so many other unavoidable reasons, you must keep a good quality and effective hand sanitizer in your bag. It helps and protects you from spreading those yucky germs that can make you sick any day.

Here are the top 5 must-haves in your everyday purse:

5. Hair Items

If you are in a habit of keeping your hair open especially if you have red ombre hair, while going out then you must keep another habit of stuffing your bag with some hair essentials like a hairbrush, bands, ponytails and bobby pins. So whenever you feel like tying them up, you just need to approach your bag and get a hand on these essentials. It is recommended to keep all these things in a pouch to avoid inconvenience if they scatter around in the bag.

4. Pain Killers

Another very important must-have item is to keep some pain killers in your purse such as aspirins, muscle-relaxing pills, and some other important medicines. A constant headache can put you on the bed if you don’t take care of it. You just need to take one pill and get back to your normal work routine.

3. Notepad And Pen

A small notebook and a pen are very important whenever you go out for some piece of work. As technology has advanced, you can type notes on your mobile phones but what if the battery dies or you need to draw some instruction or maps. Notebook is a very handy tool that can be used at any moment and is really convenient. Always keep both pen and notebook together so you can reach it quickly without any hassle.

2. Mint Gums And Breath Mint

What will you feel if someone is talking to you right after eating onions and tuna? Don’t think of the same and never make such a mistake. To kill mouth odor instantly keep some Mint Gums and Breath Mint and save your own self from a big embarrassment. As bad breath can be a very big turn off of the day.

1. Makeup Essentials

Life has not been easy these days because of the long hectic working hours. It is very important for working ladies and others also to keep a pouch filled with some important basic makeup essential like compact powder, lipstick, mascara, and blush. The options can always be increased just according to your own convenience. These makeup essentials are required for regular touch-ups and to keep your own self fresh and beautiful.

So next time whenever you plan to go out, just give 10 minutes to the bag you are going to carry. Fill it with your most important stuff and always keep it well organized to avoid any hassle that you may encounter when you will not find anything while you dig inside your bag.

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