Now Alexa Can Even Help You Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey Day approaches and you’ve got questions about thawing, seasoning, carving and more. From the mystery of what to do with that goopy packet of giblets to figuring out where you stand on the stuffing vs. dressing debate, big holiday meals can pose even bigger questions.

You could ask your judgmental mom or your freewheeling ‘pinch of this, a dash of that’ meemaw. You could clutter your counter with cookbooks, or get lost down an internet search rabbit hole. Better yet, you can seek culinary advice from a new kind of kitchen helper.

This year, the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line is teaming up with Amazon Alexa to help you tackle your holiday cooking conundrums.

For nearly 40 years, Butterball’s turkey-cooking experts have fielded questions on the company’s famed toll-free phone line, and now they’re making that same wisdom available via Alexa-enabled devices. Whether you’re a Thanksgiving turkey novice or a pro who just needs a refresher, the service offers hands-free assistance.

To get started, you give a quick command: “Alexa, enable the Butterball skill.” Then, you can rattle off whatever main course questions come to mind throughout the day.

“Alexa, ask Butterball how long I should cook my turkey.”

“Alexa, ask Butterball which are the best herbs and spices to season a turkey.”

“Alexa, ask Butterball what I should do now that I tried to deep-fry my turkey and it’s gone up in flames.”

The new skill for Amazon Alexa may not be able to solve all of your holiday crises, but it’ll help you cover most of the bird basics — from planning to prepping to serving. You’ll hear the voices of Butterball’s gurus providing a cornucopia of time-tested answers (and you’d better believe they have truly heard it all).

For bleary-eyed home cooks starting their holiday meal prep before dawn, this can be a real blessing. Maybe you’re up to your elbows in giblets, your fingers are caked in buttermilk biscuit dough, or you’re whipping up a bowl full of egg whites, trying for peak perfection, and you dare not stop whisking for even a moment. In all of those instances, you can’t get your hands free to look up last-minute queries. With so many little tasks to juggle, a voice-activated aid can help lighten your load and keep you on task.

If you’re more of a visual learner, you can also watch how-to videos on compatible devices like Echo Show, Echo Spot and Amazon Fire TV Cube. That way, you can see what “golden brown,” “fine dice” and a “roiling boil” actually look like.

Of course, you can always still contact Butterball via text, email, live chat or social media … pretty much any communication method besides smoke signals from your burnt turkey.

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