The Best Home Remedies For Hand Warts

A lot of people get warts on their hands and want to know how to remove them immediately. Hand warts are caused by human papillomavirus. Once this virus gets into the blood it will never leave. Most of the time the virus gets into the bloodstream through a cut or scratch on the top layer of the skin.

When these warts are formed they often show up on the fingers and the palm of the hands. They often look like cauliflower and are rough in texture. The good news about these kinds of warts is that they can easily be treated and removed. 

Most people that get hand warts want to know how to remove them naturally. In order to naturally get rid of these unwanted skin growths, you should focus on fruits, oils, and vegetables. The reason why natural treatments are so popular is because they are cheap to use and don’t leave any scars on the affected area.

Using garlic is often recommended as one of the best natural treatments for hand warts. The garlic clove has natural antiseptic and anti-viral properties that fight off the virus and stop warts from developing. To use garlic as a treatment you should rub it directly onto the affected area for at least one month. You have to make sure you cut the garlic clove in half and rub the interior of the garlic clove onto the warts. You can also use a raw potato to remove warts. This natural wart removal method involves slicing the potato in half and rubbing it directly onto the warts. You should rub it onto the wart for a good half an hour to get the best results. To make this treatment even more effective you can use a piece of tape to keep the potato over the warts before removing.

You can also rub a banana peel over the warts to help remove them too. The potassium content and other properties in the banana peel can help remove a wart. Simple take the banana peel and place it over the affected area. You should use a piece of bandaid or tape to hold the peel secure over the warts. Go to bed with the banana peel in place and when you get up in the morning remove it. You can then use an emery board to scrub the warts off your skin.

Aloe vera is a popular way to remove warts on your skin. This natural remedy removes the warts by drying out the top layer of your skin. When the warts become dry enough they’ll eventually fall off. 

Finally, if these natural remedies fail to remove your hand warts you should then consider using a more aggressive approach. One of these aggressive treatments involves the use of salicylic acid. There are plasters that contain salicylic acid that can be used to get rid of warts. The salicylic acid solution has been proven to remove the warts within a short time, but it can make your skin irritated.

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