Hair Loss

The all-new reason for simmering tension in men folks is hair loss. Yes, hair loss has become a worrying trend, as it has started affecting the boys in their 20s adversely. Falling off few follicles is completely natural, but the menace takes an uglier turn when it is identified as ‘Androgenetic Hair Loss’, medically known as Alopecia. Millions are afflicted with the depressing problem and struggling hard to save or re-grow the furry headcover. Alas! There is no particular cause for the onset of premature baldness, but it has more to do with our dietary regimes, way of life, and hygiene practices.

Do not stress yourself

Several Trichologists from global corners have put the blame on excessive mental and physical stress for the deteriorating health of hair. A strained lifestyle takes a serious toll on hair growth significantly and disturbs the hair life-cycle resulting in demoralizing hair loss. In addition to this, any kind of grave physical shock, such as an accident or any serious illness, can also lead to abnormal hair fall. Simple habits like de-stressing, seven-hour sleep, good water intake, keeping scalp sweat-free, and keeping good care of your health can keep hair loss at bay.

Good Nutrition is the key to Hair Growth

If hair loss is creating havoc in one’s life, then he should rather hold himself back for a minute and examine his dietary practices. The importance of a protein-rich diet cannot be neglected for brilliant hair growth. The main constituent of hair is keratin, a protein. Hence for having lustrous hair, it is imperative to accommodate excessive protein in the diet. Incorporation of Vitamin A and Vitamin E can also prove beneficial for hair amount. Vitamin A boosts the production of sebum in hair follicles, while Vitamin E plays a crucial role in accelerating the blood flow to follicles. Not only this, Vitamin D and Vitamin B can be extremely advantageous for hair growth.

Avoid Drugs and Chemical Substances

Market shelves are flooded with hair loss medications but it is vital to note that drugs that claim to offer speedy hair growth come with temporary benefits. Once a patient stops the consumption or application, the results are instantly reversed. Thus, trust natural remedies instead of disastrous chemical compounds for saving your growth. The application of garlic or onion juice is often promoted as the best practice for having bouncy curls. Apart from this, rubbing green tea can certainly treat your hair loss issue. Green tea is an antioxidant that encourages hair growth.

Mind Your Hygiene

Maintaining strict hygiene can stop hair fall. Washing hair regularly with a mild shampoo can reduce the risks of hair breakage, infections, and dandruff, which are prime causes for hampered hair development and loss. Let your scalp breathe and do not cover it with a cap or scarf. Keeping scalp sweat-free can offer a strong hair regrowth.

Little Tips, Big Benefits:

The perils of hair loss are pathetic and unacceptable. Overcome them through these golden tips:

  • Stop using alcoholic beverages and quit smoking;
  • Massage with hot oil gently before shampooing can deliver marvelous results;
  • Practice Meditation to relieve yourself from tensions;
  • Abandon the use of dryers;
  • Avoid heating. It makes your hair fragile;
  • Do not brush the wet fair. By doing so, you lose more hair.

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