Men Are Using Their Beards To Seduce You, Says Science

We all have that one girlfriend (or guy friend) who’s into beards. Or maybe, you’re the designated bearded lady, so to speak. And it’s okay—and perfectly acceptable—to be into a little stubble…or more.

To the delight of hipsters and the chronically lazy, it’s safe to say the lumberjack look is in.

But what would you say if you knew men were growing their facial hair specifically to pique your interest? And, for lack of a better term, to get some?

Well, no matter what you think—” genius!” or, “WTF?!”—it’s happening. Researchers have determined that men are using beards as a “badge of dominance” to attract women. This “badge” means that whether or not women actually like the look of a beard, they’ll still find it attractive, because it suggests the male is more powerful in society.

Fueling this theory is a study performed at the University of Western Australia. Scientists found 154 different types of primates representing 45 genera use certain features as a sign of dominance, attractiveness, identity, and rank within their groups. For monkeys, these special features range from longer noses or warts. These scientists are proposing that for human males, the beard is that “special feature”—or the male’s way to attract attention.

Researchers also reported that mustaches and beards (i.e., ample facial hair) among British dudes gained popularity from 1842 to 1971 — after facial hair became a sign of attractiveness and sex appeal.

So basically, what these researchers are saying is that men are feeling neglected by women, so they need to add a little oomph to their Tinder profiles, hence the beards…and maybe even the man buns!

This theory isn’t the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. I mean, it isn’t, is it?

Um, no. It is not.

However, I do have a piece of advice for men: if you want to “get attention,” here’s a wild idea: try being nice. Compliments work well, as do real-life, human interactions. Good luck!

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